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BackIt makes getting paid for the content you make a breeze. No need to worry about signing up for multiple programs or managing multiple accounts. Here’s how it works:


Upload your product videos to BackIt

Don’t worry, we make this as painless as possible. See the list of our current accepted vendors


Add the link to your social media bios

With a direct link to your BackIt storefront, you audience will have a very easy time finding the products they are looking for.


Get paid from purchases made

We will send you money from the commission made on the purchases that are made via your content.

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Sick of hassle? Your audience is too

Following what seems like 100 different links to get to the 1 product they liked in your video leaves your audience frustrated and boosts the likelihood of them not purchasing anything. BackIt is a platform built for your audience to go straight from your video to the product--no hassle involved.

What makes BackIt different?

BackIt was built to make online shopping easy. Each video has a direct link to the product shown, so no more following (what seems like) 100 different links just to get to one product. We are a product-only platform as well, making it simple for your audience to find the video they are looking for.

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